Artist Training and Background


   I graduated from Skidmore College in 1982 with a degree in Political Economics and attended Columbia University School of International Affairs.  I am self-taught and don't have much of an art CV to speak of.   I have shown in little galleries in Seattle in the 90's when I lived there and recently in Boston (Uforge Gallery)  and Vermont (Latchis Gallery, Qualche Volta Gallery, Stratton Art Festival).

   Growing up in Tangier, Morocco my family never had much money to justify having their son be an artist or even attend an art school. So I ended up going to college on full scholarship to study "money-making" subjects. But all along I drew and painted on the side. I got married and for some 25 years did the various money-making jobs to support my family, but, again, always making art on the side. 

    I managed over the years to sell  my work privately. I even  had work purchased by the late Ann Gerber and the northwest poet and art collector, Frances McCue. I have artwork in private homes from Seattle to Munich.

    A couple of years ago  when I turned 53 I decided to quit my "real job" and give all my attention to making art. It was a now or never kind of thing. I feel comfortable that I have finally developed my own language and a voice to express myself.  Hope you enjoy the work.