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      We are all different as human beings and we all experience our lives a bit differently. However, there always seem to be  a few common denominators to all these life experiences that we all seem to share.  Something within us reacts to that common denominator when it senses it. I grew up in a muslim household, got a scholarship to study in a foreign land (USA) and I am married to a jewish woman. When I approach a new painting or drawing  I can't help but be influenced by the contents of this bag that I carry.  The contents of this bag are a jumble of confused, rich, colorful, distant, ancient, new, western, eastern, and, perhaps, naive ideas. So I am always using the canvas as a place where I can try and make sense of them or just have a look at them. In the end, I hope that it will all somehow distill into something all can understand and relate to. Distill into that common denominator. Going to a muslim wedding in Tangier in the summer and two months later attending a Bar Mitzvah in Connecticut can be jarring but does get me closer in my attempts at deciphering the nature of this creature called human-kind. My goal, really,  is just to take a stab at expressing visually the contents of this bag.






Artist Statement

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